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As Volunteer:
McCauley Potter Fain Associates

Instructor: Robert Howell[+/-]

To Whom It May Concern:

I have worked with Hunter Breedlove for the past six months as an instructor teaching vocational related coursework. I have observed Hunter to be dedicated to his career goals, pleasant to work with, a hard worker and is motivated to be a good employee. He has assisted me and his fellow students in our classroom, he is professional, accepts challenges and willing to assist including working well with staff.

Hunter is flexible and can work independently or in a group setting, he follows direction well and is dedicated to follow through to ensure that the project is completed.

Hunter would be a asset for your company and has my professional recommendation. If you have any further questions in regard to his background or qualifications, please do not hesitate to call me.


Robert Howell, Instructor
Signed Copy
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As I.T. Administrator:
Cedar Sinai Park

CEO: David H. Fuks[+/-]

Dear Collegues:

I am happy to write this letter of reference for Hunter Breedlove. Mr. Breedlove worked for us on a temporary basis filling in for our IT Director during a health-related absence. Hunter provided excellent service in the area of managing our Local Area Network. He was also able to provide technical support to many staff as they experienced hardware or software management problems.

Hunter's courtesy and good nature made him a pleasure to work with. His respect for the time limited nature of his position and for the incumbent he was providing support to was consistent. Most important of all, Mr. Breedlove's customer service mentality and good nature made him very easy to work with. We at Cedar Sinai Park would certainly welcome him back if a position occurred. We strongly recommend your consideration of him as a prospective employee. Thank you for your consideration.

David H. Fuks, CEO

Signed Copy

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As Desktop Support / Web Techician:
Pacific Star Communications, Inc.

VP and CFO managed Hunter[+/-]

I hired and supervised Hunter while I was CFO at PacStar including tasks such as Systems Administration, primary IT support for a web site redesign and subsequent web site administration. He was very effective at collecting data, advising administration and instructing / setting up CMS activities for work flow process. His attention to detail help ensure a smooth transition from the old site to the new. He is good at planning the work and working the plan. He also supported us as a Systems Administrator with system builds and user issues, email administration, network maintenance issues, etc for a small business that I run. Hunter is always focused on the work and attention to detail.

Jeff Slaughter

As Desktop Support Techician:
System Administrator managed Hunter [+/-]

I met Hunter Breedlove back in 2002 when we shared some of the same classes in College. In the summer of 2006 Hunter came onboard at PacStar to support the companies growing IT needs. In the two and a half years Hunter worked at PacStar I had the pleasure to work with him as both his supervisor and co-worker on many projects. No matter what the task was Hunter always looked at it the same way, precise cool and collected. He would be a great addition to any company.

Elden Porter

Director of Technology indirectly managed

A focused and detail driven employee, Hunter provides an aura of calm in an otherwise chaotic storm of technical issues. He is able to work with any type of person on any issue with knowledge and professionalism. One specific time he saved my laptop when I thought there was no going back with minutes to spare before my leaving for Japan. Hunter would be an asset to any company.

Elizabeth Casale

As IT Support Analyst:
CSCP, Sr VP Operations managed Hunter[+/-]

As the officer in charge of IT at PacStar I had the pleasure to work directly with Hunter. He is a conscientious IT professional who can be counted to deliver quality work time and again.

Rich Radford

MarCom Specialist[+/-]

Hunter is a wonderful and caring person. He is a dedicated IT professional, a good multi-tasker and a very determined individual. Hunter gives 100% to everything he works on. He can be trusted with the most highly confidential information.

Andrea Pickett

Network Integration Engineer[+/-]

Hunter is an excellent person and a well qualified IT Professional. He wore many hats at PacStar and was able to work through complex issues without asking for assistance. He is a team player and I highly recommend him!

Jim Allen

Inside Sales Representative[+/-]

Hunter was instrumental in ensuring network connectivity and reliability. He also implemented and monitored several security features to protect our network from external and internal attacks. He contributed greatly in the installation of our VoIP platform and was extremely knowledgeable of our inventory management and client resource management software programs.

Ryan Toye

As Desktop Support / Web Techician:
Mechanical Engineer[+/-]

In my tenure at Pacific Star Communications as a mechanical engineer, I had the opportunity to work with Hunter and counted on his cool, calm, and collected professionalism to help counter any IT issue that may have surfaced. His technical knowledge and level of service would add huge value to any organization that takes him aboard!

Guy Ralstin

Director-Global Sales/Marketing/
Business Development

Hunter was a very capable IT support professional. He was always thorough, helpful and quick with his fixes. He is detailed oriented and respectful of his co workers. He will be a good addition to any IT staff.

Jake Schmidt

Inside Sales Representative[+/-]

If positive results are what you want in your IT department, then Hunter is the individual you are looking for. I can say with confidence that there was not one IT issue that he could not, or was not willing to assist me with in a most timely manner to keep my work flow efficient. That is good business sense.

Sandra Clark

As Desktop Support Techician:
Business Development Engineer/
Federal Programs

While I was at PacStar as Business Development Engineer I reached out to Hunter on many occasions for his support to evaluate new products and to offer suggestions on product solutions for customers. I found Hunter to be extremely thorough in his evaluations of equipment even taking them home over the weekend to check battery life and ease of use by friends of his. I grew to trust Hunter's recommendations on which product or technology was a good fit for a particular proposal or system solution. I also found him to be an excellent technical resource on anything IT and easy to work with. I highly reccomend Hunter for any technical challenge and trust he would be a valuable addition to any team.

Chris Hoffmann

As Programming Analyst:
State of Oregon -
Oregon Information Systems

Program Analyst[+/-]

I had the opportunity to work and collaborate with Hunter on a myriad of IT projects of particular importance to the work that I perform as the State of Oregon Revolving Loan Fund Coordinator. A 300 million project from EPA to the State of Oregon. Hunter was always able to get things done, in a timely and excellent manner. His approach is methodical and his communication skills are excellent.

Roberto Reyes-Colon

As Programming Consultant:
Timilen Company

Owner, Timilen Company[+/-]

Hunter Breedlove has, over the years demonstrated the capacity of being professional and creative in the performance of consulting and contracting with Timilen Company. I am confident Hunter would be well qualified for any position he felt capable. Timilen Company unfortunately is not in a position to bring Hunter on board in a more permanent capacity but plans to in the future when the economics and situation can allow. His past work, creativity, and technical knowledge has been of immense value to Timilen Company and we still utilize his talents and wonderful personality. He has, and still is one of our resources and we plan to keep him as available as possible in the future. He's a quick learner and has a can-do attitude. If you're looking for someone who can manage technical issues, web mastering and problem solving then Hunter is your guy and I recommend him highly for your consideration!
Tim Prellwitz
Signed Copy

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As IT Administrator:

Owner, Dohickys [+/-]

Hunter was always ready to correct any problems with IT systems and easy to work with. He looked ahead to correct broblems before they became apparent and he was willing to take on any and all new challenges.
Eric Wooldridge
Signed Copy

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