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Hobbies include: Bread Making- Download a PDF of
Hunter's Summer Sourdough Bread

Hunter's Rainy Day Sourdough Bread


Favorite Music:
Rock / Pop / Fusion/ Classical / Country

Music courtesy of Rob Conrad.

Favorite Quote:
'Knowledge is power
.' - Sir Franis Bacon, Religious Meditations, Of Heresies, 1597
'When all else fails:  Make your own path!' - Hunter Breedlove, 2000
'Learn from your mistakes! Repeating them tells other you have learned nothing' - Hunter Breedlove, 2010
Is most happy when others around me are happy too.
William Hunter Breedlove Jr.


Long Road To Normal
The Story Of Hunter Breedlove.

I will probably never remember the moments that changed my life forever.

This story is continuing to develop: “Through adversity – I prevail; what obstacles’ we overcome, only make us stronger.”


Bioacuity - Team Work Skills:
My courage gives others hope, direction, are prime examples of a worker that goes beyond the job requirements'
Bioacuity - Training:
The satisfactory completion of my training.
Bioacuity - Program Management:

Identifying the business needs to provide interoperability in the work place.

National Honor Society


Phi Theta Kappa

Family Time:
Camping, Hiking, Swimming, Quite Time With My Wife and Children; Baking, Read Sci-Fi Books.

Work Time:
Web Page Design, Computer / Network Troubleshooting & Repair, Creating User Support Documentation.

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