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Bioacuity - Team Work Skills:

My courage gives others hope, direction, are prime examples of a worker that goes beyond the job requirements'.

In addition to my growing knowledge base: I offer ‘soft skills’ to build / secure relationships.

I have the skills to assist your business in being successful.

Proven adaptability as a leader or team member: To provide solutions for business success.

I believe in being kind and considerate to yourself and others, every day – all the time.

Make conscience decisions, to improve myself and involvement with others.


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Business Logic: For-Hire.Experienced-IT.com – I’m the best candidate for the position, I’ve applied for.

Everyone has ‘soft skills’ that apply for this job; few, if any have gone to the lengths I have to show you, the reader: what my capabilities are.

This web site: www.experienced-it.com was developed and administrated by me. www.for-hire.experienced-it.com is a sub domain that directs traffic; with the intent to express a message.

I have described to you, how I handle training in the work place: Bioacuity – Training; AND the projects I have successfully developed solutions for other employers: Bioacuity – Program Management – together with the determinations to provide the best results I can offer.

I treat others, as I wish to be treated every day, all the time.

I’m not afraid to be a leader and can accept directions as a subordinate. The success of the business IS the responsibility of every employee, all the time.

I have a history of exceeding other peoples’ expectations, in my life and in business.

I’m a hard worker that meets their deadlines, to the satisfactions’ of my superiors. With reward comes continued success – providing solutions.

Developing relationships: Helping my coworkers achieve their deadlines; and assisting management and/or customers making their goals.

Process development for business success is a task that I have successfully accomplished on my own and in a team building environment. This comes naturally to me.

I am a firm believer in ‘getting it right the first time’. The focus of my attentions IS the success of the company and the customers it provides service for – The Cycle of Life.

I am not afraid to say that I was wrong, or ask for help from my co workers, friends and family to advance and succeed.

I am the best candidate for the position I've applied for. I possess skills that go beyond the positions requirements for the posted vacancy.

Further demonstrations of my skills 'I bring to the table' can be found on this web site.  I can be reached via email at the top of this page; OR by clicking Contact.



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